It’s a Small World After All

You don’t need to listen to singing Disney characters to know how interconnected we are.

The rise of digital communication means we can talk to people around the world with the same ease as chatting with our friends in our back yard.

But in many ways the world has never felt bigger. Now, you’re not only competing with the businesses next door, but the ones across the globe. Stakes are higher, but the tools are better. All you need are the skills.

That’s what we have. In spades.

Social Creatures Unite!

At Parodos, we’re the ultimate connectors. We make use of all of social platforms – from Facebook to face-to-face, Twitter to in-depth blogging, LinkedIn to corporate consulting, Instagram and Pinterest to great visual design, and YouTube to corporate video production – we’ve got your audience covered, both in person and online.

Social marketing connects friends and strangers who share ideas, attitudes and beliefs. At Parodos, we turn these groups into communities – bound together by shared values, and strengthened by their connections to each other.


What is Social Marketing?

A business or organization is never just about a transaction. At Parodos, we believe the best way to build your organization is to make connections and nurture relationships – rather than just telling people what you’re selling and asking them to buy it.

We may use the latest technology to reach your audience, or perhaps good ol’ fashioned face-to-face connection. But whatever the tactic, the philosophy remains the same: we connect your values to your audience and it’s the personal touch that counts.

Because it’s the people, not the transactions, that matter.

What We Do?

We build and extend your brand, raise your profile, connect with your customers and communities, and help you create change in your corner of the world.


How We Do It

Social Strategy

“If you build it, they will come.” WRONG!

We always start with strategy. We work with you to find out who you are, what you stand for, what you offer your community, and who cares. Then we figure out the best tactics to get you out there, and the kinds of messages that will resonate with your audience.

Once we know the story you need to tell, we find the best ways, and the best places, to share it.

Then, we chat about it with the people who care the most.

And after that, we listen. We converse. We rally. We discuss. We cheer. We empathize.

And then, we do it all over again, in an ongoing process of listening and learning, honing and responding. Social strategy is never finished, it’s alive, just like people are. That’s what makes it so powerful.

Social Media

“Let’s give ’em something to talk about…”

We build communities on the following platforms:







Google Plus

You Tube

We’ll produce all of your social content – everything from Facebook posts to in-depth blogs, videos, pictures, tweets and more. And we manage all of your social interactions – responding, listening, and evaluating at every step of the game, making sure your audience is heard.

Social Messaging

Be gone, ye old corporate-speak – there’s a new language in town…

From blogs to web content, articles to reports, we produce written documents of all kinds. We take a social approach to create engaging, creative content that speaks to your community, that shares your values and sparks ideas, discussion and smiles.

Social Therapy

*No Couch Required…

Need some help with your social media or have a brand perception issue? Want to learn the fine art of schmooze, how to handle challenging personalities online, or connect with your community in a new way? Give us a shout, and we’ll put our brains to solving whatever social challenge you can throw at us!

We’re also happy to teach and speak about the finer points of social media and marketing. Let us know how we can help!

For businesses, we personally connect with your customers. For organizations, we live and breathe your values, create discussions and engage deeply with your audience. And as advocates, we create social change, one conversation at a time.



Marliss Weber, MA

Marliss Weber is the principal social marketing maven for Parodos.

Marliss is a communications consultant with a specialty in social media strategy and management. She has run social campaigns for WinterCity Edmonton, Women’s Initiative Edmonton, 124 Street Business Association, End Poverty Edmonton, Make Something Edmonton, and the Alberta Motor Association, among many others, and several of the accounts she’s run have been listed as top social media influencers in Edmonton and Alberta. Marliss specializes in complex, issues-driven social media advocacy, and she and her partner Randy Brososky have been the key communications strategists behind a number of change-making campaigns, including Women’s Initiative Edmonton and most recently, It’s Time Edmonton (for the Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative at the City of Edmonton). She has consulted with businesses and organizations large and small across Alberta, including the Public Affairs Bureau, Government of Alberta, the University of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and EPCOR, and provides strategic communications advice and support on issues-framing and how to share social messages with the world. She and Randy are 2016 recipients of IABC’s Award of Excellence for their work on the Women’s Initiative Edmonton social media campaign. Marliss holds a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta.


Randy Brososky

Randy has been working in the broad fields of marketing, communications and branding for more than 20 years.

His early experience as an actor taught him valuable lessons about persuasion, audiences and stories, and he’s put that experience to good use as an art director, designer and marketing strategist, crafting messages that “stick.” With Parodos Communications, and as the Principal of the Group of Rogues, Randy has led dozens of comprehensive marketing and communications projects for clients as diverse as Strathcona County, the City of Edmonton, the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, EPCOR and the Legal Education Society of Alberta. He has served as chief communications strategist for projects for the Alberta Motor Association, City of Edmonton, and the University of Alberta. In demand as a public speaker, Randy is a TEDx fellow, a guest lecturer at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University, and a frequent presenter for organizations and events such as the Edmonton Business Link, the Edmonton Real Estate Board, the WinterCities ShakeUp Conference and the iMedia Conference. Randy has significant experience in reputation management and crisis communications and teaches organizations how to strengthen and clarify their brand messages, and craft communications that are meaningful to their audiences. When he’s not developing communications strategies for clients, Randy is also a film-maker, with several projects under his belt in the “Necessary Evil” universe. Other projects he’s directed have won awards at film festivals across the globe. He still occasionally acts for film, television and stage, and is possibly the only communications strategist in Edmonton who breathes fire…

Friends and Partners

We also work with many other partners. From communications and marketing firms, to graphic designers and photographers, our network is strong, and populated with some of the brightest and boldest minds in the Alberta creative scene.

We take you through every step of the process, 
from planning and strategy to the social sharing
of your stories.


Here are some of our favourite projects!

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Here’s what some of them have said about working with us: