“Let’s end poverty together.”

In 2014 a Mayor’s Task Force began moving towards an ambitious goal: ending poverty in Edmonton within a generation. With a focus on collective action, a detailed road map outlining 35 actions, and dozens of partnerships throughout the capital region, the work is innovative and exciting.

From 2016 to 2021 we managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts for EndPovertyEdmonton. The conversations covered a tremendous amount of ground due to both the complexity of the subject matter and the audiences that we engaged. We discussed the intricacies and challenges of poverty both with advocates and allies, as well as many citizens with lived experience.

We have also supported EndPovertyEdmonton with campaign strategy, graphic design, writing and website updates.


It's Time Edmonton

It's Time Edmonton

“It’s time to notice, speak and act. Let’s end gender-based violence in Edmonton.”

Reducing violence depends on understanding the complex social patterns and structures behind it — structures that are very different depending on the type of violence and those who participate in it. In 2016, Edmonton Councillors Bev Esslinger and Scott McKeen decided it was time to tackle gender-based violence: a violent assertion of power over another person due to gender or gender identity.

In order to effectively address gender-based violence within our city, it was essential that we develop a comprehensive understanding of both the power dynamics at play between genders, and to understand the sensitivity and complexities of the issues. Parodos developed a foundational communications strategy for It’s Time, and provided writing, photography, creative direction and project management for the website.

We also produced a video to explain the basics of gender-based violence.

Finally, we built and managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts, and worked to change the conversation on a daily basis while supporting survivors and educating bystanders.


“We don’t have gender equality. Let’s change that.”

In 2014, a damning report was released that ranked Edmonton as the worst place in Canada to be a woman. From unequal pay, to street harassment, to lack of representation in municipal politics, Edmonton women face a lot of challenges.

The City of Edmonton recognized the problem and launched a Council-led initiative to address women’s issues in our city, and to advocate for change. We were brought in at the very beginning of this initiative as communications consultants, and we continue to serve as the chief communicators for this project.

We count our comprehensive foundational communications strategy for this initiative as some of our very best work, and it has become the bible for how we engage with Edmontonians, as well as how we position the initiative in what is a most challenging environment. We are proud to have received an IABC Award of Excellence for this work.

In order to provide evergreen content that served the needs of the client and the community, we wrote and produced several animated explainer videos to answer some of the most common questions that were being asked of the Initiative: “What do you mean by Feminism?” “What is the Women’s Initiative?” and “What is GBA+ training?”


We also built the Women’s Initiative Edmonton Facebook and Twitter platforms which we ran on a daily basis, and have developed vibrant communities where we literally changed hearts and minds, and rallied together ambassadors for our cause. It is some of the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.


Massage Therapist Association of Alberta

Massage Therapist Association of Alberta

“We help you make a better living, while you help your clients have a better life.”

The Massage Therapist Association of Alberta had a challenge: How to increase engagement with a membership that is strapped for time and resources. They knew they needed to take advantage of their digital channels, maximize their website and improve engagement on emails and newsletters.

We developed a foundational communications strategy for the association that clarified their messages, their audiences and the values on which they could connect. We used that strategy to help with membership engagement on specific campaigns, and to re-invigorate their Facebook community. Since we began managing their social media in June 2017, their reach and engagement rates have grown substantially and their audience has shown their appreciation for the value they get from the digital channels.


“You can’t change the weather, but you can change how you feel about it. We’ll show you how.”

In the winter of 2012, we were invited to develop a social media strategy for the City of Edmonton’s WinterCity Initiative. It was the first time the City had ventured outside the organization to develop grassroots social media platforms, and we were trusted with the creation of a WinterCity pilot project on Facebook and Twitter.

The pilot was so successful that in three short months, we built thriving communities on Facebook and Twitter, and the City not only granted the continuation of the project, but also opened the door to other initiatives to have independent social identities. The WinterCity platforms now engage thousands of Edmontonians every day, and have become the city’s go-to hub for winter love. We have been on the forefront of changing attitudes, and it’s been remarkable to see how, in just a few short seasons, Edmontonians have gone from hating winter and complaining about snow removal, to chomping at the bit for snow, snowballs and skating.

We built the WinterCity Facebook and Twitter platforms and currently manage them from October through May of every year, and advise on their social strategy through the summer months. We also developed a WinterCity micro-site and blog which was launched in the fall of 2015, and consulted on the complete site redesign in 2016.

In 2015, WinterCity Edmonton was named one of the most influential social media accounts in Edmonton by Jay Palter Social Advisory. It continues to be a highly visible, and heavily engaged account.


124 Street BIA

124 Street BIA

Making Edmonton great, one small business at a time…

The 124th Street area is one of Edmonton’s favourite shopping and dining districts, with more than 400 small businesses at its heart.

As the marketing consultants for the 124 Street Business Association, we championed the businesses in the area, and showcased them through the 124 Street social media profiles.

Every day, we interacted with thousands of Edmontonians on Shop 124 Street Facebook and Twitter. We highlighted the small businesses through vibrant photography, cheeky writing, and we amplified the messages of the small businesses themselves. In our time with 124 Street, we increased the size of their Facebook presence by over 500% and created a loyal and engaged following.

We know we’re successful when we not only get a lot of gratitude from the businesses themselves, but also hear comments from the community like “Oh, right! I love that store. I’m going to check them out.” Or “I’ve never been there before. Can’t wait to try them!” Or especially when our followers tag their own friends in our posts.

And that happens almost every day.

While our social media presence was the most significant aspect of our work with 124 Street, we partnered with Group of Rogues to help with various campaigns, events and a guided strategy session to inform their latest re-brand.

In 2015, Shop 124 Street was named one of the most influential social media accounts in Edmonton by Jay Palter Social Advisory, and continues to inform and delight Edmontonians every day.


Every corporation has a heart. We help to find it…

In 2011, the utilities provider, EPCOR, brought us in to do a thorough re-write of their customer website. Spanning more than a hundred pages, their website needed an editorial eye to refresh and tighten content, and to write it with the user in mind.

And so, we did just that.

We took lengthy, wordy paragraphs and rewrote them with web best practices in mind, weeded out unnecessary information, changed content to plain language and restructured the pages for better user experience.

It was a huge project, but we were able to complete in all in just under two months – on time and on budget.

And not only that, it caught the attention of web-writing guru, Ginny Redish, who gave it high praise.

All because we put our social minds and hearts to good use, and wrote what the
customer needed, viewing the project from an external customer lens, rather than an internal organizational lens.


You can’t beat the passion a biker has for a bike…

What a fun project this was! We were temporarily brought in by our partners NikComm Communications to One Stop Biker Shop’s Facebook platform, in order to build their profile and hone their voice. We’ll frequently do this for smaller businesses as a way to give their social presence a boost, and for business owners to learn how to handle their social media themselves.

This one was challenging for us, as we’re not bikers ourselves. So, like an actor developing a role, we learned a biker character, and built one of the most engaged audiences we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet!

With a community size of roughly 2500, we frequently had posts that garnered more than 500 likes, as well as hundreds of comments and shares. We often reached upwards of 25,000 people per post, ten times their audience size – which we officially class as viral.

By connecting deeply with the values of this enthusiastic audience, One Stop Biker Shop became a trusted voice in their community, and top of mind for bikers in Alberta.


You walk, I walk, we all walk… Hooray!

UWALK.CA is a partnership between the Government of Alberta and the University of Alberta, designed to encourage Albertans to live a more active lifestyle by making (and tracking) incremental changes to their activity levels. The project developed into an engaging web platform that helps users track their activity, participate in challenges, and inspire their friends to participate too.

We were brought in to do a social media strategy, help them launch their social platforms, develop their presence and teach them how to manage their social media, once it was a finely tuned machine.

And so, in 2013 and 2014, we worked with the UWALK organizers to build their communities and provided a period of coaching as they took over the management of the profiles themselves. Throughout the process, we set several goals, all designed to keep the project on track. We were especially thrilled that we helped them double their users, only one month after launching their social media platforms.