Women’s Initiative Edmonton


“We don’t have gender equality. Let’s change that.”

In 2014, a damning report was released that ranked Edmonton as the worst place in Canada to be a woman. From unequal pay, to street harassment, to lack of representation in municipal politics, Edmonton women face a lot of challenges.

The City of Edmonton recognized the problem and launched a Council-led initiative to address women’s issues in our city, and to advocate for change. We were brought in at the very beginning of this initiative as communications consultants, and we serve as the chief communicators for this project.

We count our comprehensive communications strategy for this initiative as some of our very best work, and it has become the bible for how we engage with Edmontonians, as well as how we position the initiative in what is a challenging environment. We are proud to have received an IABC Award of Excellence for this work.

We also run the Women’s Initiative Edmonton Facebook and Twitter platforms, and have developed vibrant communities where we literally change hearts and minds, and rally together ambassadors for our cause. It is some of the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.