You walk, I walk, we all walk… Hooray!

UWALK.CA is a partnership between the Government of Alberta and the University of Alberta, designed to encourage Albertans to live a more active lifestyle by making (and tracking) incremental changes to their activity levels. The project developed into an engaging web platform that helps users track their activity, participate in challenges, and inspire their friends to participate too.

We were brought in to do a social media strategy, help them launch their social platforms, develop their presence and teach them how to manage their social media, once it was a finely tuned machine.

And so, in 2013 and 2014, we worked with the UWALK organizers to build their communities and provided a period of coaching as they took over the management of the profiles themselves. Throughout the process, we set several goals, all designed to keep the project on track. We were especially thrilled that we helped them double their users, only one month after launching their social media platforms.