Every corporation has a heart. We help to find it…

In 2011, the utilities provider, EPCOR, brought us in to do a thorough re-write of their customer website. Spanning more than a hundred pages, their website needed an editorial eye to refresh and tighten content, and to write it with the user in mind.

And so, we did just that.

We took lengthy, wordy paragraphs and rewrote them with web best practices in mind, weeded out unnecessary information, changed content to plain language and restructured the pages for better user experience.

It was a huge project, but we were able to complete in all in just under two months – on time and on budget.

And not only that, it caught the attention of web-writing guru, Ginny Redish, who gave it high praise.

All because we put our social minds and hearts to good use, and wrote what the
customer needed, viewing the project from an external customer lens, rather than an internal organizational lens.