124 Street Business Association


Making Edmonton great, one small business at a time…

The 124th Street area is one of Edmonton’s favourite shopping and dining districts, with more than 400 small businesses at its heart.

As the marketing consultants for the 124 Street Business Association, we champion the businesses in the area, and showcase them through the 124 Street social media profiles.

Every day, we interact with thousands of Edmontonians on Shop 124 Street Facebook and Twitter. We highlight the small businesses through vibrant photography (which we take care of in house, in most instances), cheeky writing, and we amplify the messages of the small businesses themselves. In our time with 124 Street, we’ve increased the size of their Facebook presence by over 500% and created a loyal and engaged following.

We know we’re successful when we not only get a lot of gratitude from the businesses themselves, but also hear comments from the community like “Oh, right! I love that store. I’m going to check them out.” Or “I’ve never been there before. Can’t wait to try them!” Or especially when our followers tag their own friends in our posts.

And that happens almost every day.

While our social media presence is the most significant aspect of our work with 124 Street, we’ve partnered with Group of Rogues Marketing to take care of the rest of their marketing, from campaign development to newsletter writing, events and website content.

In 2015, Shop 124 Street was named one of the most influential social media accounts in Edmonton by Jay Palter Social Advisory.